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Our Authentic Turkish Mosaic lamps create a warm ambiance of romantic intrigue. Use one lamp artfully displayed or collect a multitude for breathtaking impact. The lamps come in a variety of colour and shape, and can be lit electrically or by candle votives.


Persian Boutique was founded in June 2005. Our mission is to bring Middle Eastern Muslim fashion to Singapore and Malaysia. Our apparel collections are from countries such as United Arab Emirates and Turkey. Persian Boutique offers a specially curated selection of unique and exclusive clothing pieces that will embrace the individuality of each person. We believe that our fashionable style should not be compromised when dressing modestly. Our apparels are based on three precepts which are; clothing items that are in trend, of top quality and provides appropriate coverage.

With our years of experience in the industry, we are able to provide products of the highest of quality. Today, Persian Boutique has grown to be a business full of passion. With our location being at Joo Chiat Complex, in Singapore, we are able to reach directly to our target market, being the muslims in Singapore.

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Odoo • Image and Text


Inspired by the passion for living, the colours of life and the notes in the nature, Note Cosmetics was launched in 2014 after lifelong research.

Strengthening make-up products with skin-care technologies, never compromising the quality of our products, always developing new lines. We merged the notes in the nature and latest technologies, accessible for every woman who wants to have the best version of themselves.

None of our products go through experiments on animals. We produce trustworthy and innovative products, respecting values of any belief.

Our top make-up artist and skin care experts lie at the cre of our journey in placing us as a leading European brand with world-wide demand.


Muzika was founded in 1986. People around the region trust Muzika’s original products with high technologies coupled with excellent service. Due to technology advancement, business in entertainment gadgets had suffered but we persevered. Muzika had since 2016 partnered with Glamour, a fine Muslim apparel company, with a new brand name, Glamour@Muzika. The synergy has proved great success with a genuine goal to fulfill the Muslims community’s needs in Singapore and across the region, regardless of their economic status.

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