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Open a New Store
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Selling on Bazaarria Marketplace

Now you can become part of this growing online retailer by opening a boutique and selling clothes and accessories through the BAZAARRIA Market-place.

This is a great opportunity for new fashion designers and up-and-coming brands to sell their fashion collections alongside with the most exciting estab-lished brands, independent brands and vintage stores, helping you to get noticed and build a brand of your own.

If you want to start selling to an audience of twenty-something fashion lovers, read our guide on how to sell your new and vintage fashion collections on the BAZAARIA Marketplace and get started today!


Apply to become a Merchant 

Unlike a lot of other selling platforms, which anyone can sign up for, you must apply to become a boutique seller on the BAZAARRIA marketplace. Once your application has been received, you will get a response within 3 working days. To make the grade, you need to be counted as emerging design talent, an innovative independent label and boutique, or a seller of the finest vintage selections.

There is no guarantee that you will be successful. However, if BAZAARRIA do not approve your application but believe you have the potential to become a boutique seller, their Seller Support team will advise you on how to get things right.

Create Your List

If your application is accepted, the next step is creating your list. This is fully editable and will enable you to list your own branded area within BAZAARRIA Marketplace. If you get stuck at any point, there’s an Account Manager on hand to help you.

Words are also important; you need to include a concise but informative title and descriptions which tell buyers what they would need to know about each item. Then all you need to do is price and post your items.

Don’t forget to link your storefront to your social media channels too, and to make the most of your free blog to engage and inspire customers!