Q & A – For Seller


Q.     How do I register as a seller?

A.      Please click on the link to register as a seller. Please allow 7 working days for process approval. A confirmation email will be sent by BazaarRia.


Q. Do I need register company number (ACRA) to be a BazaarRia merchant?

A. Yes, it’s compulsory.


Q. What if I don’t have a company number (ACRA) number?

A. We apologize to the individual merchants affected. However, we need all our merchants to have a company number.


Q. ­What is a listing violation?

A. Products that are prohibited to be sold by law.


Q. How do I create my listing?

A. Once you are onboard, we will guide you through the process.


Q. Can I create promotion or coupon for buyers?

A. Yes, please email our customer service for more information.


Q. Can I create categories for my product?

A. Yes, you can go to the seller dashboard for configuration.


Q. ­How to update my product inventory?

A. Please go to the seller dashboard – inventory – inventory.


Q. How long do we get payment for sales?

A. We transfer on the first Friday of the following month.


Q. What shipping partner are we dealing with?

A. Singpost.


Q. Any shipping costs incurred by seller?

A. Yes. Buyer will pay flat $2 per order by merchant shop (for domestic items weighing less than 5 kg, within Singapore). Balance will be paid by seller. Please refer to BazaarRia’s T&C.


Q. Any notification sent to seller once order is confirmed?

A. Yes, system will send out email to notify seller once order is confirmed.